Smashing Magazine Selected Wallpapers for Your Desktop VOL III

Smashing Magazine latest compilation of Selected Wallpapers For Your Desktop is nicely sort by specific genre with various selections from general wallpaper, widesreen wallpaper, HD wallpaper, game wallpaper, and social wallpaper. To name a few, some of the gallery include, Bestgamewallpapers, Adobe CS3 Wallpaper, Socwall, Desktop Nexus, Flickr Wallpaper Designer Pool, DesktopoGraphy, Gallery of Art and AnimePaper. Animepaper! I’m really surprise, because from out of hundred Anime wallpaper website, Animepaper is in the Smashing list.

smashing magazineSmashing Magazine is a weblog dedicated to web-developers and designers. They have the best compilation of web design resources and wonderful new ideas.

More on this at kaizeku ban
Animepaper on Smashing Magazine List of Selected Wallpapers

Hundreds of wallpapers with themes from Japanese anime. In different resolution…~Smashing Magazine

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