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Bluehost Hostmonster CEO Hacked Again

This is the third time Matt Heaton wordpress blog got hacked. View it for yourself http://www.mattheaton.com (noscript enabled) or try google cache (Jan 28 2008 10:10:05 GMT).


More on this at kakkoi → Matt Heaton Bluehost Hostmonster CEO Hacked Again – Strike II – Blackhat SEO Spamdexing LocalRank .



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Matt Heaton (Bluehost and Hostmoster CEO) wordpress blog Hacked by Mick Jagger from Moscow

wordpress.net.in remote spam injection, Matt’s heaton unaware that he uploaded the backdoor himself. Check his wordpress footer.

Matt Heaton (Bluehost and Hostmoster CEO) got Hacked by Mick Jagger

Full cache on google will not show the spam link (cloaking) used text-only cache.
As of this time of writing he’s still using WordPress 2.0.

While you are on mattheaton.com  footer check out the “Comment (RSS)” links. The “RSS” part is misleading. its redirect to http://cwings.ulmb.com/alexa.php?c=bluehost.com instead of the Comments Feeds. go figure

What this got to do with Mick jagger?

lol i knew u asked that, read it all at kakkoi.


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